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Please send me your feedback on your experience with Rejuvenate through Massage. 

I will post it on this webpage! 

I would highly recommend the hands of Dee Dee Clyburn. I have searched for years for a massage therapist whom actually made me feel rejuvenated once I left the table. Well my search is over, I am so thankful to have landed on the table of the best massage therapist I've ever come in contact with. Dee Dee took her time and worked out every knot and massaged every muscle. I left feeling at peace...mind, body, and soul. Looking forward to the next session.


*I have Dee dee come to my home and give me a massage every month. It is the best investment I could have made in my general health and well  being. Dee dee is very professional and quickly puts you at ease. The  short term effect of the massages are tremendous; however, what I was  looking for was to see if there were any long term effects of regular  massage on my general health. Over a period of several months, I  started to notice that some chronic health problems I had been suffering  from, including restless leg syndrome, were improving. I also believe  the massages have truly helped my circulation and have reduced the level

of discomfort that I had been feeling in my joints. I think everyone  should at least try this once. I believe you will be pleasantly

surprised as to it's positive effects.*

Nicky H.

For anyone interested in a massage, I would like to recommend Dee dee Clyburn, massage therapist. I am a retired senior with back and hip issues. I found her to be extremely professional and very personable. She put me at ease immediately. Most importantly, after the massage I was able to take a walk around the neighborhood after not being able to go out of my house for two weeks due to hip pain. The massage was extremely relaxing as well as theraputic for me and I have already scheduled another appointment next month.

Ron H.

Five months after my fall down a flight of stairs, I decided it was time to treat myself to a massage. There remained a little tension in the upper body and stiffness in my hands and fingers. I asked Dee dee if she could focus on my upper back and neck. She had given me several massages in the past that were utterly relaxing.

Something was different about this last massage. I had no idea that my muscles were literally in knots from my shoulders to my arms. Dee dee nurtured each one of those knots until they were relaxed…not me...but the muscles! She was empathetic each time she moved to a new one. It's a good thing I have much love and respect for Dee dee; otherwise, I would not have endured the pain that climaxed with each new knot before expanding and relaxing.

Funny thing that when my time was up, I wanted more! I had begun to feel so good around my shoulders, neck and arms. The miraculous thing was that my hands and fingers were no longer stiff and she did not even touch them!

If you ever want to experience an exhilarating massage for simple pleasure or to help relieve tension and stiffness, please call Dee dee.


After two sessions of deep muscle massage, Dee dee alleviated my shoulder pain completely. It has been 9 months with no pain. What a blessing!!!


I have been receiving massages from Dee dee for several months now. The massages have done wonders for my arthritis and back pain! Who would have guessed that massages could help arthritis, but to my amazement, I have few problems with my arthritis now. Dee dee has always been there on time for my appointments and instinctively knows just how much pressure to use.  I would highly recommend her if you need a massage. You leave feeling relaxed and feeling better than you did when you arrived. I give her 10 stars for her treatments!


I just want to thank you for helping me sleep again. The deep tissue

massages I've been getting for the past couple of months have been heaven.

I feel like myself once again and can now do the things I love again like

yoga. You Are The Best




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